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You put yourself out there!

June 30, 2022

All that squishy personal stuff putting yourself out there matters. As I've talked about, those are the individual actions that years and decades later turns into the big announcements and the big wins. (video version here)

That's what the base of the iceberg is all about. The last two messages (1,2) that I sent out were about where to start with that, sharing your perspective, finding a new job, offering skills, or getting help.

You went for it! All across AirMiners Slack, I saw people going for it so wanted to highlight them. I hope you can connect with these folks and get inspired to put yourself out there too.

Have something to add to one of these topics? All the threads are linked above.

These examples show "putting yourself out there" can be easy. Where so many of us get stuck is trying to look smart and that we know how everything works. We've got gigatons of carbon dioxide to dance with. So put yourself out there, share your thoughts on an article, offer up a skill, connecting with a job, and ask for help with a problem. (Yes, "and").

It's days, months, and years of these individual actions that turn into those with those big developments you see in the news. It all starts here so dive in already.


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