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Three ways to level up your AirMiners Slack experience

June 20, 2022

This is a note about how to level up your experience on AirMiners Slack (video here).

Every few months I get a message from a member like "Hey, is it ok if I post this thing? I don't want dominate the conversation or spam people". My response is that carbon removal thrives on more fresh takes on what's happening, job opportunities, processes you're working on, and skills you're looking to find. I want to see more people going for it on AirMiners Slack!

With that in mind, here's three ways you can level up your AirMiners Slack experience.

1. Need help? Get high-quality solutions
AirMiners Slack helps you get high quality solutions from people at the cutting edge of carbon removal. Here's an example from Maya Kashapov at Captura who wrote to the #dac channel "Would love some feedback from a couple folks on our process diagram!". Four people wrote back and joined in to offer feedback, all of whom are scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs working on carbon removal solutions. What a great way to get perspective from others in the industry. But maybe you have a problem but you're worried about bothering people with it? The thing is, so many of us come to AirMiners Slack so we can contribute to solutions. More than discussing news or reports, we love having a problem to help solve. So please, bring your problems to share!

2. Conversations you can't have anywhere else
AirMiners Slack represents the greatest concentration of carbon removal nerds in the known universe. You're alongside practitioners, researchers, and people highly educated about carbon removal. You can have a conversation about the nuanced technical bits of a direct air capture system or a new process with other people that are building it. When you want to nerd out on a new report or a new discovery, write up your thoughts and perspective and share! ("Conversations you can't have anywhere else" is a phrase from Jack Sullivan when we talked about his AirMiners experience a few weeks back. Nice one, Jack!)

3. Find the right people
Use AirMiners Slack to connect with the right people. Whether that's a collaborator, a co-founder, a thought partner, or a chemist, everybody on AirMiners is there because they're either a practitioner or passionate about supporting the industry. #job_postings is the best place for more formal connections like jobs, gigs, or co-founder search. You can also find other people who are writing publicly and message them about joining up.

Those are three ways you can level up your AirMiners Slack experience. Are there any other ways you've leveled up your AirMiners Slack usage?


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