Live on Carbon Negative Products

Hey, I'm Tito!

I'm on a mission to turn frustration about climate change into action.

My website is an online list of what I'm up to.

10 Second Bio

I lead a carbon startup called Negative.

My weekly newsletter is called "Carbon Negative Updates". Subscribe here.

I host the AirMiners online community.

Grew up in Hawaii.

San Mateo resident.

Brown University grad

Favorite city: Paris

Favorite air miner: Climeworks

My mission

I'm on a mission to tranform our relationship with the climate. Specifically, I give people tools to turn climate frustration in to climate action.

I lead a carbon startup called Negative. We take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and transform it into useful, beautiful products.

Pulling carbon from the air? If this sounds weird, here's our first product, the Negative bracelet, that we launched on Kickstarter.

It's a really fast moving industry, so it's nice to compare notes with other entrepreneurs. To help the industry stay connected, I host AirMiners, the world's largest community of scientist, engineers, and entrepreneurs mining carbon from the air. We're having the inaugural AirMiners Virtual Conference soon.


I write a weekly newsletter highlighting my journey, sharing everything you should know about opportunities in the new carbon economy.

Every week you’ll get insider information on what’s possible in the cutting edge of negative emissions through my personal journey creating an air mining company, and share lessons learned.