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Hi, I'm Tito Jankowski

Welcome to my online home. I lead a carbon removal community and accelerator called AirMiners.

Join 2,500+ people and get insights on carbon removal I discover each week.

My mission

Carbon removal is a trillion dollar opportunity disguised as an existential crisis.

I lead AirMiners, a community and accelerator for carbon removal leaders. We're on a mission to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030.

If carbon removal is a new term for you, watch Elon Musk explain the need for carbon removal. Then watch one of the online events at the AirMiners YouTube channel. For a free 6-week sprint to really dig into carbon removal, join AirMiners Boot Up.

Each week I write an email on carbon removal

I'm on a mission to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030. As part of that, I write a weekly newsletter of tangible actions to remove one billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030.

The purpose of this newsletter is to accelerate carbon removal by speeding up connections, progress, and coordination. It's ideal for people working in carbon removal already or beginners who are excited to dive in and get my perspective. People curious about carbon removal are welcome to sign up and see what sticks.

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