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“If you need somebody, I can help!”

June 21, 2022

This is a call for people with skills to put themselves out there! (video here)

I'm inspired by this post last week on the AirMiners #job_postings channel. Tina, a long time AirMiner, wrote "I am an experienced writer with a solid background in both science and business and looking for opportunities (part-time, remote) in the CDR space.  If you need somebody to tell your story and explain your technology to the world, I can help!".

Putting yourself out there and offering to help is how we create a new industry from scratch. That's because putting yourself out there speeds up progress. Sure, if you're a writer you could wait for someone to pop up and say "is anyone here a writer?". But think about how much looooooonger you would have to wait. Think about the last time *you* asked for help publicly with a problem. If you're anything like me, you first tried to convince yourself it wasn't a problem. Then it kept cropping up and you tried to solve it yourself, and when didn't work and you asked colleagues and friends. When none of that panned out, you finally asked publicly. Think about how slow that is. Behind every "job post" is a slow process like that. It's slow. Speed is what we need!

People with skills -- put yourself out there and shortcut the process! At your fingertips you have the ability to fast track solutions for carbon removal by days, months, even years. Building an industry faster than ever before means we have to change how we do things. That means putting your skills out there, make your own opportunities.

Easy, right? If it's easy, why don't we see tons of Tinas offering skills all the time? The truth is putting yourself out there is hard. You're vulnerable. You're not sure exactly where you fit in, or if your skills are needed, and you're proclaming all this to the world. Maybe no one responds and you feel useless. I love the attitude of going for it anyway.

When it works, you change the future of carbon removal (Tina got a great response). By putting yourself out there you speed up the growth of carbon removal, spark new ideas, and inspire others to do the same.

I want to see more people posting and sharing what their what they can offer what the what they can help with. #job_postings on AirMiners Slack is the best place. Props to people like Tina leading the way.

Post your skills up on #job_postings this week!


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