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United Nations: "We confirm receipt of your email."

June 21, 2023

Our AirMiners statement has been submitted to the United Nations!

Huge appreciation to everyone involved this creation. The 22 people that commented, 31 that requested the draft, and the 153 people who signed the statement. We're highlighting importance of innovation at the earliest stages of carbon removal and greenhouse gas removal.

I want to take a step back and talk about how the process of getting that letter written aligns with the vision of AirMiners.

As you know, AirMiners exists to discover how to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030. AirMiners are people that do "the thing". They overcome being a bystander. AirMiners get off the beach and ride the wave.

Since inception, we've built AirMiners as a place for you to get support.

Take this letter as an example. I had this unique opportunity to submit a letter to the United Nations. Requested by the chair of Article 6, even. And I needed inputs, comments, perspective, and support, all by Monday's deadline. When I put the word out 31 people responded with a request for the draft, and 153 said yes to sign it (plus a few more that are trickling in after I hit "send" to the UN).

Another way to look at this letter is as a collaborative team building project, a multiplayer game with 150 players. I got to create with 22 commenters, many of them who I didn't know before or knew of but hadn't interacted with. That goes back to the design of AirMiners as a place to get help and give support.

It's not because I'm the CEO of AirMiners or because I send this newsletter that I can get this kind of support. It's all possible because this network exists. I want everyone else in AirMiners, all 2,000+ members, to have the same success with this network that I have. I want you to use the network for what it's built for: discovering how to remove a billion tons of carbon from the air.

Think of the AirMiners network like your muscles. The more you work it out, the stronger it gets. Sometimes when I nudge people to use the AirMiners networks they see it as something consumable, like they don't want to "use it up" or "annoy people now in case I need a favor later". To that I ask, do you think my network is stronger or weaker after writing the UN letter? Clearly it's stronger now than it was a week ago.

If you're not engaging in this way then when you need help how confident are you that you can get it? Giving and receiving is what makes your network stronger.

Part two is that now it's your turn. When you need support, call on this network. If you have ideas, needs, or leads, post on the #ideas-need-and-leads channel on Slack. Come ask a question at an AirMiners online event, or ping get in touch with someone you know over email.

Reply to this email with something that you've put out that needs help. What was your call to action and how did people help you?


P.S. Introducing the Carbon Removal Handshake! Watch the demo video (YouTube). It's a thing. You can do the Carbon Removal Handshake at a happy hour, a conference, it even works over Zoom! Grab the carbon, Never let it go.

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