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Ride the "air miners" wave

May 22, 2020

Ever since the AirMiners Conference, I've felt like something big is coming to the air mining industry.

It feels like I'm sitting on a surfboard in the water and the tide is starting to pull back a little bit to form a big wave.

If you're in it, I'm curious are you feeling this wave too?

And if you're on the beach instead, here's some thoughts on how to get in the water. When I start something for the first time I hope that I'm going to be super graceful and with it. The truth is it's probably going to look more like flailing around, playing, splashing, or even sinking. That's what it is to be in the water and not on the beach.

Every time I send out one of these weekly notes I ask "does sending this make me uncomfortable?". If it doesn't, I probably shouldn't send it. If it's just me delivering some data point, who cares?

So what's the climate thing that you've been waiting to do? The blog post you've been waiting to publish...it's the one far short of being "almost perfect", you feel like you'd be run out of town if you share it. Those are the blog posts you should definitely publish, delete the rest. Apply, email, send...and get in the water!

I've got some more thoughts on this and examples from my own work, check out the video for more.


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