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Surf's up at "AirMiners Beach"

October 01, 2022

I was talking with a startup investor about what their experience with AirMiners has been. They said often when they ask co-founders where they've met, it's at AirMiners.

You know, it would be nearly impossible to build in trackers to map our progress towards this point of validation. Still, it’s worth celebrating this comment as a reflection that what we’ve been doing is building a cohesive puzzle and it’s now starting to come together!

This is why we do what we do.

Two years ago, I invited everyone to ride the "air miners" wave.

Today, there's a whole set of waves coming in to AirMiners Beach. Capture, storage, measurement, marketplaces, and beyond.

All the work we do, all the events, meetups, onboarding, comments, accelerators, polls, newsletters may look like a random assortment of things over the years. But this is how community is built. It's the full journey from joining, boot up, events, meeting, starting a company, finding a job, removing tons of carbon.

We hosted our first Investor Demo Day earlier this month. 5 startups from the first AirMiners Booster program (like part 2 of the Launchpad accelerator) pitched for fundraising. Our partner Shared Future Fund committed a $100k investment into every single one. Investors who attended requested 96 introductions to these startups. It was a historic event, the largest ever convening of carbon removal investors in history. (If you want to invest in the best and brightest carbon removal startups, hit reply)

And then we hosted the first Buyers Demo Day. Buyers requested 28 different introductions to startups. Again, historic, the largest convening of carbon removal buyers in history. Every big buyer you would expect to be there (the "Kiloton Club") and some new faces too.

Surf's up! Pick your wave and get in.

As highlighted in the SF Business Times, carbon removal is necessary and difficult, but possible. This is how we’re going to build hundreds of solutions to remove carbon dioxide from the air.


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