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Wow we hit $10k already!

Click here to see the campaign

Let’s keep this momentum going!

The bigger this campaign gets, the more carbon we pull out of the air. We can even grow the world’s capacity for pulling carbon from the air and get more machines built. We hit our goal, now let’s get more people excited about Direct Air Capture! (I added a $5 reward option for people who just want to follow the adventure)

Imagine if you walked down the street and saw someone else wearing a Negative bracelet! Imagine if we had thousands of people all around the world going carbon negative. Imagine if the things we used every day were carbon negative like our homes, our roads, our jewelry.

Help us to keep spreading the word so we can make this happen. Share our campaign with as many people as you can on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram with #gonegative. More people talking about carbon negative means more climate solutions and more climate action.

Now I'm off to Herbst Theater for a TEDx rehearsal, speaking tomorrow!



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