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Women leaders step forward

January 21, 2021

I'll keep this brief, with more details in the video.

A few weeks ago I sent out a call for women AirMiners to help lead what's next for the carbon removal industry. Of course I heard back from women who want to lead, including engineeers, writers, and consultants.

I wanted to let you know about the first new initiative out of these conversations.

If you're a woman AirMiner who wants to share your story and achievements, writer Ongeleigh Underwood has volunteered to interview and share your story as part of a series on women AirMiners.

Here's the invitation from Ongeleigh:

"Women AirMiners are a rare breed. They apply instinctual ingenuity to humanity's greatest problem. They pursue scientific prowess with a holistic attitude. This interview-based series aims to dive deep into their solutions, biggest questions, and where they find their grit. If you are a Women AirMiner, let's talk!"

Ongeleigh Underwood is a consultant and writer focused on climate solutions and business development. She is sharing her take on how climate issues and economics intertwine through her newly launched newsletter, Dystopia and Donuts.

If this is you, email Ongeleigh at ongeleigh@gmail.com and say hi. Or just hit reply to this email and say "let's do this" and I'll make an intro.

More to come! Women AirMiners are critical to the strategy for AirMiners, and we've got a short window of time to get this right before the industry expands (more about this in the video). We need women leaders to help with existing AirMiners initiatives and create new ones (events series and mentorship in the works). Sound like you? Hit reply.


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