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Why we merged Launchpad Slack with AirMiners Slack

February 11, 2022

As you know, gigaton scale carbon removal is a new and emerging industry. A key part of building a new industry is getting people connected to new ideas, jobs, and collaborators. When we speed up the time it takes to make those connections, we speed up the entire industry (video version of this message is here).

A big way to get connected in carbon removal is with AirMiners Slack. We've made a change recently to make those connections better by merging two Slack groups, so I wanted to share a bit about that to illustrate the power of accelerating connections.

When we first started the AirMiners Launchpad accelerator we were working with about 10 startup teams. To coordinate with the teams, we setup a Slack group, completely separately from AirMiners Slack to start since we weren't sure how it was going to work.

During the first two batches of AirMiners Launchpad, we noticed some teams were having a hard time making connections, reaching out to others in the industry, or sharing opportunities that they found. It added a lot of friction. So for this third batch we switched to hosting the Launchpad teams right in AirMiners Slack, so it's all one big group now.

It's working! Just a few weeks into batch three there are already offers for mentorship and invitations to connect. Props to Neesha Mirchandani hopping on a thread on #general to help with fundraising and planning (link to the thread)! There's also new job opportunities posted to the #job_postings channel by 2 Launchpad teams who are looking to find co-founders and hire teammates.

Accelerating connections like these is how we build to gigaton scale faster than any industry has ever been built before.


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