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Why does public perception matter to carbon removal founders?

March 15, 2022

This week, I met up with Dahl Winters of Deep Science to chat about the public perception of carbon removal and why it matters.

With WIRED featuring Climeworks and CarbFix on the cover, and the Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act getting tweeted by Robert Downey Jr., the public perception of carbon removal has never been more important.

But public perception can seem like someone else's problem. "They're the ones who need to understand carbon removal better right?" Dahl has been working on the public perception of carbon removal, and last week joined an event to talk about the Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act.

You can watch my chat with Dahl here on YouTube. (16 min)

- Public perception of carbon removal varies, some are strongly against it 
- First impressions count, people in the industry should care because early perceptions can take a long time to change
- What's at stake for founders, scientists, and designers in carbon removal is their future business, teammates, customers, and ability to have an impact

Learn more about Dahl's carbon removal solution Deep Science here: https://deepscience.ltd/

For those of you on AirMiners Slack, come join the discussion -- How does carbon removal come up in your conversations outside the industry? (thread link)


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