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What's the spark needed for gigaton scale carbon removal?

December 07, 2020

Right before the holidays AirMiners hosted a discussion with entrepreneur and carbon visionary Bill Gross, "Carbon Removal is a Trillion Dollar Opportunity".

My favorite question from the sesh was "what's the spark needed for gigaton scale carbon removal?" This is a question from Aaryan Harshith, a 14 year old who had just joined AirMiners the week before. (Here's a video of this update for those of you that prefer watching to reading)

Bill's response was that we need 2 things -- more big companies like Microsoft, Shopify, and Stripe to come in and purchase carbon removal, and more entrepreneurs working to drive the price of carbon removal down. Push up the market and drive down the prices, then we're good. Love it.

This is such a great question I wanted to give my own answer. To me, the spark we need is more people getting in and trying something, making pathways in their career towards carbon removal. Maybe like Bill Gross, you have a lot of experience in another career you can bring with you. But Bill Gross wasn't always a carbon guru, he's done a lot of work on clean tech and software, but carbon is a recent endeavor, after starting 145 other companies, 45 of which have been acquired or IPOed.

So maybe you're coming with a carload of experience like Bill, or maybe a backpack of experience, or maybe with the clothes on your back.

For example, I started my career in biotechnology. I know a lot about engineering DNA and living systems. Now I get to work on the biggest living system that we know of!

So go find new solutions, things that haven't been discovered yet, and ride the wave!

We're building more tools to help other people get into carbon removal. Check out the updated AirMiners website with a better index of the tools available.

Now I want to hear from you -- what's the spark that we need to get to gigaton scale carbon removal?


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