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What carbon removal needs more of in 2023

January 14, 2023

"Human connection is really the only shot we have at truly solving the problem and removing gigatons of carbon from the air."

Go listen to Grant Faber remarks at the Carby awards (2 minutes).

He said:

When I trace my steps in anything I've accomplished in carbon removal, it starts with some random connection where I or someone chose to engage rather than not engage. These kinds of choices can lead you to connect to a person, resource, idea, that drive further connections in this virtuous cycycle.

While attending one event or meeting one person can seem inconsequential, it can completely change your life. This can also be true when you go out of your way to connect someone with a person or resource you think they could benefit from.

We take calculated risks with our money and capital, and we should be willing to do the same with our time. AirMiners is the perfect place for these kinds of encounters. But it can really only work if you choose to engage and hit reply. You can do that through sharing that article, messaging that person, leaving that comment, or attending that networking session.

If the reason you don't do those things is because of this little doubt in your mind that it might not be worthwhile to engage, I would really invite you to override that doubt. Try to put yourself out there as you have great things to offer to the community and the community has great things to offer to you. Human connections is really the only shot we have at truly solving the problem and removing gigatons of carbon from the air.

I'm re-listening to this right now and crying, so good, wow Grant.

What does carbon removal need in 2023?

Human connection. Sharing vulnerably and publicly.

How to do it? Watch the recording of the 2022 Carby Awards, our annual awards ceremony, for examples. The Carbys are packed full of vulnerability and sharing by design. It's an hour, you can skip around or just watch a few minutes. I'll share my own thoughts on this in a followup, I had it all written up and just listened to Grant's and damn, that's it. 


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