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What’s up with carbon credits?

January 24, 2020

If you want to watch this message instead of read it, here's the video.

Every Negative bracelet comes with carbon removal credits. A friend of mine asked me last week, "what does that even mean?"

The way it works is carbon dioxide is pulled directly from the atmosphere by Climework's direct air capture machine. We use some of that carbon to make the Negative bracelet. And Negative also pays Climeworks to pull carbon dioxide from the air and bury it underground in Iceland. What happens in Iceland is the carbon dioxide fuses with basalt rock underground and turns into a solid mineral. It's a way of removing carbon dioxide permanently from the atmosphere.

So that's how every Negative bracelet comes with carbon removal credits. There's other ways to deal with carbon dioxide like other types of carbon removal credits and things called carbon offsets. That's another topic, something I find confusing and dizzying. It's really important to me that people be knowledgable about carbon, offsets, and credits, so it's something I'm learning more about myself.

Have you ever bought carbon offsets or carbon credits? What was the experience like? Even if you've never heard of these terms, what do you think a carbon credit is?


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