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We got eliminated! 💣

May 24, 2019

Remember last week I was headed to Canada for the COLLISION conference?

Well, it worked out better than I could have thought! I hadn't realized this, but we and 15 other companies were chosen out of hundreds of applications to pitch. And we were all working in de-carbonization!

Giving the pitch for the second time in front of a live audience was a rush. Even though we didn't win the $25k from Microsoft, it was a good experience.

It was fun to get breakfast with Christophe and Alexandra from Nori (carbon removal marketplace), wander the conference with Apoorv from Carbon Upcycling Technologies (new carbon materials), and pitch alongside Chelsea from Loliware (drinking straws made from carbon-sequestering ocean kelp).

BONUS ROUND -- thanks to a fortunately-timed fire alarm at the 25,000-attendee conference, I got to talk to Hollywood-hottie Joseph Gordon-Levitt on the way out of the building. Wow!


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