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We are all air miners!

August 09, 2019


In 2017 when we launched AirMiners, there were already 76 companies mining carbon from the air. We wanted to share the big picture with everyone around the world, so we created the first comprehensive index of carbon removal.

AirMiners makes another leap forward this week. AirMiners in now moderating the one and only Carbon Removal community on Slack with 320+ active air miners. Click here to apply to join.

AirMiners is the world's largest community of entrepreneurs, researchers, and funders exploring opportunities in carbon removal. There's also the AirMiners Meetup Group of 1,398 members for public events that's open to anyone.

Today, AirMiners can connect more than ever with online discussion and events. This community is working hard to transform excess carbon into food, fuels, plastics, and buildings. These are the discoveries that will help us remove 1 trillion tons of excess carbon dioxide from the air.

Do you know anyone in carbon removal who would benefit from being a part of the AirMiners online community? Apply here


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