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This milestone belongs to you

April 22, 2022

You’ve probably already heard, this morning the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition announced 15 milestone award winners. Each of the winners was awarded a $1M prize to support their continued work on carbon removal solutions.

Of those winning teams, 10 are AirMiners members, two are graduates of the AirMiners Launchpad program (TakaChar and PlantVillage), with a third team joining the upcoming batch (Carbin Minerals). For all the details here's the press release from AirMiners and you can see Jason's post on AirMiners Slack where he tagged members from the winning teams.

Congratulations to all the winners, applicants, and reviewers on this recognition.

This is a big milestone for every AirMiner!

Congratulations to everyone who has put words to an idea, shared a concept, weighed in on a sketch, considered a job application, joined the Boot Up, published something unfinished. You are part of creating these solutions celebrated today and the many more needed in the quest to gigaton scale carbon removal. This milestone is another step in your journey.

A note specifically on Earth Day to continue uplifting each other at an individual level. We are at the early stages of creating a new industry. There's so much that happens in carbon removal that's behind the scenes. We would all benefit by sharing more of it. If you're stuck on something, if you're struggling with something, there's a good chance someone else is too, or someone else will be soon, so do us all a big favor and share it.

People are always sending me incredible stuff behind the scenes on AirMiners. My reply is often "Oh that's amazing can you please share that publicly so others can hear about it?". I love seeing achievements and struggles shared with others, it helps us all (props to Laurie McGinley and Neesha Mirchandani who took the leap on #general).

The AirMiners community is a place where innovators go to be around others who get it. Things that feel good, things that feel bad, we're all going through all of it, so share. It’s intentionally secluded from the rest of the world for that reason. Being able to connect to others with similar perspective is key for the many milestones to come.



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