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The Carby Awards need your nominations!

December 07, 2020

It's time for the first ever Carby Awards! The Carbys are like the Oscars for AirMiners, recognizing the best of the carbon removal community.

I need your nominations for Carby winners! Awards include Catalyzer, Enabler, Explorer, and more. Here's my video sharing more details about the Carbys here.

Anyone can nominate, anyone can be nominated. On Thursday our judges select finalists, and then we turn it over to AirMiners Slack for voting by the AirMiners community.

Here's an example from the Explorer Award:

"This award goes to the person who really went for it. They invested their time, money, or patience in themselves or someone else. Enter your NOMINEE and WHY they are a good fit"

The Carbys are about celebrating the daily actions of people in the carbon removal community. It's an iterative process to recognize resilience, momentum, connecting, to spark everyone do more of those things. That's what keeps us on track to removing carbon from the air in the right way.

1. Nominate someone for a Carby now

2. Get an AirMiners hat to wear to the Carbys

3. Massive bonus points - record a 1 minute "why I'm excited about the Carbys" video and email me the link

Nominations close in 2 days (Wednesday) so get those nominations in!


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