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The benefits of being an Air Miner

June 09, 2022

As I've met hundreds of Air Miners working on carbon removal, I've noticed four benefits people get from being part of the AirMiners community. I wanted to highlight these patterns for long time members, for those who just joined recently to speed them in their quest, and for all you observers who keep an eye on everything (video version of this message here).

Here's four benefits of being an Air Miner:
1. Find a job
2. Help others
3. Start a company
4. Get better at your current job

Do you know someone who could use help on one of these? Most new members are referred to AirMiners by a friend or colleague like you.

1. Find a job
There's only about 200 new jobs in carbon removal this upcoming year. That means every role is highly competitive. Being part of a community of people starting their own careers, building solutions, starting companies, gives you a huge head start. The #jobs-postings channel on Slack is one of the most popular. Tons of new stuff gets posted there every every week from paid jobs to internships and gigs. You can also connect to people hiring for their companies, compare notes with other job seekers, and attend events about how to make a career in carbon removal (like this one on "How to find a job in carbon removal").

2. Help others
There are a lot of people whose primary goal is to directly help someone else, either working with others firsthand as an advisor/mentor or creating self-serve resources like educational materials or databases. Helping others happens across all parts of of AirMiners, including Slack, events, and even more behind the scenes in direct messages and emails. Looking to advise or mentor others in carbon removal? The #business-model-lab channel in particular is a good place to find good listeners looking for help and career guidance across biz, tech, and carbon. If you want to help mentor startups as part of Launchpad, message @Adina Mangubat on Slack.

3. Start a company
AirMiners is the place to be to start your carbon removal startup. 10 of 15 XPRIZE milestone winners are AirMiners members, and three of those teams are graduates of the AirMiners Launchpad. The program is developed in partnership with XPRIZE and Creative Destruction Lab where carbon removal entrepreneurs get help with customer customer discovery, technical economic assessment, carbon credits, and carbon markets. (If you're still at the idea stage, the #business-model-lab channel is a better place to make progress.)

4. Get better at your job
Maybe you're working at direct air capture company or a carbon market place and want help with your work goals, meet other people in a similar job to yours, or start a partnership with potential customers or suppliers. This is a broad category that includes people doing consulting projects. Mostly the events and networking aspects of AirMiners are useful here rather than there being a specific program or channel.

Lastly, do you know someone curious about carbon removal who wants to dive in? Send them to AirMiners Boot Up instead of the main AirMiners page. It's the best place to start to supercharge your carbon removal career.

Two things I'm curious about:
1. Have you found AirMiners useful in one of these four ways, if so, what's your story?
2. Is there some other goal you've found AirMiners helpful for that isn't listed here? (These benefits are mostly jobs and startup oriented)


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