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TEDx talk is live

November 22, 2019

I stood up in front of 1,000 people last month at TEDxSan Francisco!

After all the applause, the comments started rolling in: “Def made it easier to get out of bed today than doomsday!" "When the world starts looking a bit grim, pursue the things that will propel us forward both individually and as a society. As Tito Jankowski said today, "Doom just doesn't work for me."

So grateful to have worked with presence coach Lee Eisler and TEDx coach Jill Wesley on the talk. 

AND I just found out this week the video is live on TED.com!! That means thousands of people around the world are going to learn about air mining.

TED.com - Take carbon out of the air and make useful things with it

Help spread the word by sharing the link on LinkedIn and Facebook! “If you’re feeling anxious about the climate, watch this”.


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