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Tag you're it!

August 12, 2022

This note is about the power of tagging someone else on a discussion, inspired by this post from Jason last week. (video here)

What happened is Cass posted on on the #ccus channel (Carbon, Capture, Utilization, and Storage), asking a question about what kind of utilization options there really are besides enhanced oil recovery. Jason came in and tagged five other people he thought would have something important to add.

And wow, four out of the five people responded with options to make products out of carbon, progress so far, and status reports.

What's brilliant about this is you don't need to add your own take, you can just tag others who you think might have something to add. With more and more happening in carbon removal in 2022, tagging is a really powerful way to just help connect humans to humans.

The beauty of the AirMiners community is that almost everybody in carbon removal is there or one step removed. It's the neuron system of the carbon removal hive mind. Nudge a synapse firing between one neuron and another can potentially save years in the quest for gigaton scale carbon removal. Note: this doesn't work at all for posting naked links (posting an article without providing your own take and analysis).

This week, tag one person on something they should see! All you need to say is "@abcde may have some thoughts".


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