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SXSW Climate track?

If you want to watch this message instead of read it, here's the video.

SXSW began as a design, music, and technology convening (it's where startups like Square and Twitter launched). This year, for the first time, SXSW is adding a "Climate & Social Action" track.

The timing is right, so I'm headed to SXSW for the first time! Stay tuned for more details.

One thing I'm curious about is the carbon emissions of my trip. More than just carbon credits, how can I count climate action as part of my carbon offsets? I'm going to meet 100's of people and talk with them about climate, carbon capture, and negative emissions.

Maybe you've calculated your own carbon footprint from your flights and lifestyle, but have you ever calculated your climate action potential? I'm thinking of this like a "climate action calculator".

Let me know if you're headed to SXSW -- I'll see you there!


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