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Starting a carbon removal startup isn’t like starting another company

February 01, 2023

It's go time, let's go remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2030. (video of this message here)

Last week I was telling you about "How to Sell a Carbon Credit". It's our new event on the nuances of selling invisible gas pulled from the sky.

200 people signed up in 24 hours! That's 2x our previous record EVER. And it's all people who want to as one respondee said "sell a fucking carbon credit". Thanks to all of you who signed up and shared it with your friends who are starting carbon removal companies. If you haven't signed up already, it's Wednesday February 1st, sign up here.

Inspired by that reception, we've designed other tools to help more teams get going towards gigaton scale.

Next up is "How I raised my first $500k for my carbon removal startup".

This is important for startup founders because fundraising for a carbon removal startup is different. Here's a few key differences:

Come get firsthand insight from two founders who have done it to speed you in your fundraising journey. Plus they did it in the last six months since the economy went down bad, so you'll get lots of stories about how they made it work.

These events are the drumbeat of carbon removal. They're more like village meetings or summits more than webinars. Tap into experience from the minds of startup founders in carbon removal. These leaders are shouting back from the edge, sharing wisdom so you can raise more money, faster, on better terms, and get moving on building a new carbon removal solution the world has never seen before.

Sign up here.

This is how we remove a billion tons of carbon from the air by 2030.


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