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Small wins

In 2019 I'm learning to celebrate small wins. So here's the latest update.

Yesterday evening we shipped off a large batch of "air carbon" planters! Great working with Sarah Thorpe, Keith Weissglass, Marc O'Brien, Sarah Harrison, Andy Lee, and Pierre Freau to make this a success.

To celebrate, here's 4 key photos of the journey:

1. "Air carbon" arrives -- but will be "impossible" to deliver the finished planters on time 🚀

2. 🌈 Color and shape rapid prototyping. Could this work?

3. Success! Pierre Freau of Buddy Rhodes Studio and Stoneman Concrete shows off the finished planters. Smiles all around 😻 (photo by Sarah Thorpe)

4. 📦Shipping time 📦 Here's the tracking number so you can track them with me.


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