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Resilience, Antifragile, all that good stuff

September 01, 2020

Get better with stress, get stronger with chaos. Some people call it resilience, antifragile, sticking with it... This past week is I read this shocking and beautiful story from Diego Saez Gil. He's one of the founders of Pachama. Last week his house completely burned down in the California fires near Santa Cruz, he posted a picture of the cement foundation where his house used to stand.

And Diego, in every word of that post he just spoke from such a beauty. More than "it's going to be okay", there was just a sense that this was a beginning of something, that he and the people around him would be somehow stronger, better, more beautiful than what came before. Obviously it was a disruption, could be called a total disaster, but there's just such an eye opening tone in what he wrote.

Inspired me to share some thoughts on resilience and antifragility. Here's the video.

Have you come across anyone else in the climate world that embodies the principles of resilience and antifragile?


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