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PBS features carbon removal

November 14, 2020

Can We Cool The Planet?

That's the title of the latest new documentary from PBS Nova -- featuring carbon removal entrepreneurs and innovators like Marcius from XPRIZE, Apoorv from Carbon Upcycling Technologies, David Keith from Harvard!

On top of all that, the products we prototyped for the Carbon XPRIZE Product Showcase are in the show too! Check out the animation below they made of the "Made of CO2" showcase.

Thanks to PBS there are likely tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people now on the path to pulling carbon dioxide from the air.

Two reactions to seeing this. First, what does this meant that PBS Nova show is now introducing millions of people to carbon removal?

And secondly, what does it mean that the narrative features products made of atmospheric carbon? "Toothpaste, Yoga mats, watches made of carbon dioxide" says narrator Nicole Lewis.

So yea...lots of new eyeballs. What's uncomfortable about this is we're really putting our "welcome" sign on the door. "If you want to be part of the carbon revolution, become an AirMiner". How do you welcome people to create a new industry? PBS created these animations and video overlays of carbon removal technologies, we need lots more resources like that. There's so much more that's needed to boot up thousands, tens of thousands, millions of people to join the carbon removal revolution. 

So here's what I want to do:

Send the PBS documentary to someone you know who is wondering "Can we cool the planet?" Let me know what they think of it!


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