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Part 2 - John's Carbon Flex from the seller's perspective

September 09, 2022

In my last update about purchasing a first ton of carbon, John Sanchez was buying the first ton of carbon removal from a startup. Now the purchase is complete, John bought the first ton from Cedar Carbon for $333.

I caught up with Cedar Carbon's CEO Ryan McIntosh to get his thoughts. You can check out the video here (20 min).

Here's my takeaways from Cedar Carbon about selling their first ton:

Here's my takeaways overall, having bought 3 of these first tons from startups and told people about it over the last few weeks:



There's something here, though still emerging. It's not clear yet what this all adds up to, if anything. Small $500 experiments can be the catalyst for the next big thing, and no one yet has a solution to how we remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the air economically.

Curious for any thoughts you have on this!


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