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No Service

November 28, 2019


I’m 3 hours and 45 minutes behind schedule, I’m stuck in a foot of snow. It's been an hour since the train stopped. My phone says “No Service” and there’s 400 other people on board.

Oh no!

Look, I’m really great at recognizing problems, seeing the exact moment when "oh no!" strikes. You're probably good at this too. You know, that moment when you're driving and someone steps out in front of you and you slam the brakes. The train pulling to a halt was definitely one of those moments.

But what about those moments when things really do work out, those “woohoo!!” moments?

I almost ALWAYS miss those. I’m so busy looking for problems that I miss the solution right in front of me.

Recently I've been celebrating more frequently, really enjoying those moments when things do click. This makes me better at spotting solutions.

So this time, when the conductor comes on and announces the rail is fixed, I start clapping, and other people start smiling and clapping too. The train starts rolling forward up to Portland!

What have you celebrated recently - landing a new job, solving a programming challenge, getting out of the house on time?


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