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Nerdy questions welcome

July 30, 2022

There's more technical dicussions hapening on AirMiners Slack than ever. From Tejas asking about depth of carbon storage in soils, to Nicholas asking about mineralization, to Mitko asking about how to calculate greenhouse gas impacts, there's more dialogs about the details. (video here)

This is right where we need to be. As our industry matures, we need to have places where we can pursue deeper and deeper questions.

For most of these technical questions today, I have no idea what the answers are. Back in 2017 when AirMiners first began, it was possible to be this kind of "Leonardo Da Vinci" where you could understand everything. But the industry has quickly grown beyond that. Each AirMiner needs to understand the broad themes and systems like capture, storage, justice, and economics, and also go deep on a superpower like sorbents, soil measurement, or sargassum.

We need new tools to support that growth. That's why we've added channels to AirMiners Slack for measuring reporting and verification, biotech, mineralization. These additions enable deeper technical discussions, more people, and a range of different ideas. Another new tool is a Code of Conduct to help uphold this growth mindset as we expand. This growth mindset is what made AirMiners thrive from dozens of members through hunderds of members, and upholding these values is how we'll scale to thousands of members and billions of ton of carbon removed. You can see the Carby Awards in a similar angle, part of our toolkit to help recognize, celebrate, and clone the growth mindset. The Boot Up course is a a way to bring new people in to carbon removal and get them thinking, exploring, and growing alongside eachother. And Launchpad accelerator as a tool to galvanize emerging solutions on their path to megaton scale and beyond.

Slack channels, awards, and accelerators might look different but at the core they're tools to build an innovation system that rapidly scales carbon removal solutions.

Back to technical questions, here's my nudge for you.

Go on AirMiners Slack and...

1. Ask a question that is seems so specific there's no way anyone can answer it. You might be surprised at what you get back.

2. Ask a question that you think is like so obvious that everybody must know this but you. (Someone the other day asked me "what is carbon removal anyway?" and it was a good opportunity for me to reflect on some of the basics).

AirMiners is creating this space dig deep, to be vulnerable, to think wrong. This is how we grow an industry faster than has ever been done before.


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