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My not-so-secret strategy

January 26, 2019

Hi all,

Every week I email you about what I'm working on. I was recently asked, is there a bigger strategy behind these seemingly random projects?

Climate change is real. Mining atmospheric carbon is a huge opportunity to bend the curve and create new businesses, and I’m getting in position for the biggest land grab of the century. New technologies are the key. My goal is to solve climate change by experimenting and launching a startup using new technologies.

It won’t be easy. The founder of Instacart launched 20 failed startup ideas before success. Their IPO is this quarter...but at idea #18 or #19, ouch!

Here’s my not-so-secret strategy for success I’ve used since August 2016:

Take Shots on Goal

  1. Build Innovation Labs - Hypothesis: giving climate change entrepreneurs space and time to innovate would catalyze fast change. Result: Nope. I need to be more hands-on than that. Lesson: Find my role in the ecosystem and own it.
  2. Help Big Corporations to Solve Climate Change - Hypothesis: Big corps have their hand on the steering wheel, if we can make a financial case with new tech, they will turn. Result: Nope. Their shareholders and customers hold all the real power. Lesson: Spark consumer spending to move the bigger players.
  3. Make Valuable Products out of Atmospheric Carbon: Hypothesis: Atmospheric carbon as a luxury good, kick start carbon demand while building tech capabilities to beat industrial carbon prices. In the works using direct air capture, tanks of carbon, and prototype products.

Stay On the Bleeding Edge
  1. Track emerging trends at the AirMiners index
  2. Learn by presentingto insightful audiences, meeting with fellow carbon weirdos, hanging out with next generation entrepreneurs, graphing global carbon levels
  3. Roll this all into taking more shots on goal

Stick to It
  1. I consult on meaningful climate projects. The revenue is invested into more shots on goal, and helps me stay on the bleeding edge too. Clients include billion-dollar banks, billionaires, and people named Bill. If you want me to help your climate solution succeed, email me.

What’s your not-so-secret strategy for success?



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