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More than a bracelet

August 30, 2019

As you know, I'm lightly interested in carbon removal...

By 2050, the climate big-wigs (IPCC) say we need to remove 10 thousand million tons of carbon dioxide from the air every year. From my work with AirMiners, I know that current capacity with Direct Air Capture is more like 100 tons per year.

That's why we're launching a Kickstarter campaign on October 1st. This is a campaign to increase the planet's capacity to pull carbon from the air by signaling there's demand for captured carbon products. At the center is a first of its kind product, a bracelet made with captured carbon called Negative.

Of course, this bracelet isn't the solution to the climate crisis. But it's a step towards the solution, and we think there's other people out there like us that want to join in. If we sell, say, 1,000 Negative bracelets, we pave the road for the infrastructure to create many more captured carbon products.

It's already taking off. Negative is launching as a celebrated project for Kickstarter's new Shapeshift initiative on October 1st. And I can't wait to speak about the campaign at TEDx San Francisco (October 3) and VERGE Carbon (October 22).


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