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Let’s go sell 1 billion carbon credits

January 23, 2023

Carbon removal credits are the currency of air mining. (video version of this message here)

By now you know what a carbon removal credit is. It's proof that carbon dioxide was removed from the air. If you take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, you get a carbon credit for your work.

By 2050 carbon removal will be a top 20 industry, removing billions of tons of carbon every year. But today, fewer than 100 startup companies have successfully sold carbon removal credits. Getting to a billion ton industry means we have a lot learn.

Diego Saez-Gil, CEO of Pachama put it best. When he was first starting the company he wanted to build pretty software and AI models first. His early advisor at YCombinator said instead "go sell a fucking carbon credit". He went out and sold his first credit, and his business took off from there.

Carbon credits are how carbon removal startups get paid.

Pre-selling carbon credits is essential to bringing your carbon removal solution into reality. It's powerful evidence to take to investors to raise capital. It's proof that someone wants what you're building. It aligns your business long term to actually removing carbon from the sky, because once you sell a carbon credit your whole business aligns around how to actually deliver it. If you're starting a carbon removal startup, go sell a fucking carbon credit. You can even try just selling one ton to start.

On February 1st, we're hosting "How to Sell a Carbon Removal Credit" at AirMiners. Come hear from two startup founders who have done it. They've gone through our AirMiners Launchpad program and are ready to share. You can sign up here.

Who should join:

Do you have a friend or colleague starting a new carbon removal company selling carbon credits? Send along an invitation. You can also share on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Sign up and come learn how to sell a fucking carbon credit.

Let's go remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030.


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