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It's go time

April 26, 2023

Yesterday at AirMiners Town Hall, I asked what it would empower you to remove a billion tons of carbon by 2030.

I asked that because sometimes it's right on the tip of your tongue and the chance to share it can be catalytic. If you found the activity powerful, ask someone else in AirMiners "what would empower you to remove a billion tons of carbon dioxide by 2030?". And if you missed the Town Hall, tell someone what would empower you to remove a billion tons of carbon by 2030.

Getting empowered to remove a billion tons is key because it's go time. "It's go time" means it's time to go do the thing that makes possible gigaton scale carbon removal by the end of the decade. It's go time for you, it's go time for me.

I want 21 new buyers signed up to join Buyers Demo Day on Friday. That way all 7 new startup teams pitching have three new potential buyers there. We picked the challenge of getting buyers for buyers demo day because it's only 3 days away, it's a good example of what "it's go time" means since it needs to happen now.

Do you know anyone at a company on this list? These are companies that bought carbon removal in the past but haven't yet signed up for Buyers demo day. We're also inviting new buyers committed to buying at least $25,000 of carbon removal credits in 2023. Invitation text below!

In the last 36 hours since Town Hall we've already got TWO new buyers signed up for Buyer Demo Day on Friday, and THREE intros to potential attendees, including Piva Capital that's buying credits to offset their venture capital operations.

Aaaand I just heard that an AirMiners member went to high school with carbon-buyer Coldplay.......

It's go time!



Intro blurb:

My friend Tito works with carbon removal startups. He’s looking to speak to buyers of carbon removal, or companies committed to buying carbon removal. You up for an intro?

AirMiners Buyer Demo Day 

Register here: https://lu.ma/buyer-demo-day?utm_source=tito_newsletter

When: Friday April 28th, 2023, from 9:00-10:30 AM PT.

What: 7 new carbon removal startups from our accelerator program. The purpose of this event is to introduce these teams so that you may consider them for purchasing carbon.

Format: Each team will present for about 5 minutes, then Buyers will be asked at the end of each teams' pitch if they would like to opt-in for an introduction. That data will be collected and will be private (i.e. other attendees won’t be able to see it). If you opted in, your contact information will be shared with a startup. This way the signal is clearest on which startups are of interest to you."


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