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Intros, advice, and ideas, oh my!

June 12, 2020

I have the pleasure of getting emails from incredible people who want perspective on their startup, on what their big organization is doing, or some other cool idea.

I freaking love these conversations, I love hearing this new stuff and contributing in any way I can. At the same time I also struggle to balance this with my work on Negative, AirMiners, and my consulting work with Impossible Labs.

So I wanted to make this better! With this link, you can find time that works for you. Whether you know me or not, whether we've met before or not...if you think my perspective would be helpful I'm game. I put a price tag on the meetings, it'll help us both take it seriously.

Since I've worked on a lot of different things, some public, some behind the scenes, here's an overview of how I can help:

+ Connections - A lot of time you just need to be talking to someone who knows how to solve your problem. Whether connections to people or new ideas, I like hearing stuff out and getting creative about who to talk to next. (For connections, I do double opt-in emails to make sure it's useful for everybody.)

+ Engineering - I've done a lot of engineering work and product design. For example, the Carbon XPRIZE Products Showcase, taking new materials and making proof of concept products using them. Software engineering too, for example the AirMiners index started as a web app that grew into a community.

+ Research - part of the reason I know so many people is I do a lot of research on hundreds of startups across the environmental/sustainability/carbon ecosystem (supply chain, industrial, consumer) with extra emphasis in carbon stuff.

I've got my other work listed on Impossible Labs you can check out here or my LinkedIn.

Here's the link to make it happen


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