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I wasn't ready

November 07, 2019

It’s a wrap! 554% funded on Kickstarter from 582 people, $54,995 in 31 days.

I had no idea how this Kickstarter campaign would go down. At times I didn’t think we would meet the goal, and other times I thought we could hit $1M.

What I do know is carbon removal needs to get going now. We don’t have time to wait until we feel ready. If you have a 1% chance of success, you have to take it. Nobody has this climate stuff all figured out.

You’ll need to figure out what you need as you go. It was scary to acknowledge I didn’t have everything but I still had to take a leap. Thankfully I didn’t go alone. So I want to take a moment and appreciate all of your help.

Thank you to the suggestions for child actors. Getting a kid for the Kickstarter video was essential to keep the script fun, but I had no idea how we would actually find one.

Thank you for joining the livestream, it was fun to show you around the movie set. That was my first livestream ever. I learned it’s ok to put up a livestream and walk around with your laptop!

Carbon Champions helped me feel like someone was actually reading my emails. You showed a willingness to share the campaign that convinced me this wasn’t all just in my head. You offered to share the campaign with coworkers and my reaction was often “Oh, are you sure you want to do that?”. It was so validating to hear your enthusiasm and the conversations that it started.

I found out how the campaign was doing from your texts, calls, and emails, like “Hurrah you made the campaign goal!”. Kickstarter’s Projects We Love email featuring Negative sent to tens of thousands of people? I found out about that when you forwarded it to me!

There was a ton more. I couldn’t do this without you. I’m not ready for what’s next, either. Let’s get to it!


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