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How I get myself unstuck

November 16, 2019

I'm starting a YouTube channel to share video updates! Check it out here. Here's what I cover this week:

What comes after the big "champagne" moment?

The "oh crap" moment, of course.

To get myself un-stuck as an entrepreneur, I ask myself  "what am I excited about right now?". Right now I'm excited about 2 things.

Carbon GoPro: To make the Negative bracelets, we're shipping a tank of gas from Climeworks in Switzerland to Carbon Upcycling Technologies in Canada. We're gonna see if we can film the tank's progress along the way, so we're putting a GoPro camera on a tank of atmospheric carbon dioxide gas. This was an idea by Steven on the Climeworks team, and it's brilliant.

Entrepreneurial students: This week I video-interviewed with 2 entrepreneurship classes at McGill in Canada. They're interested in understanding how does direct air capture work, how does the business work, what are the challenges, and what's your competitive advantage (enthusiasm!). The call is supposed to be me giving out advice, and I get so inspired talking through these questions with students. I've got another video chat coming up on Monday with a class in Indiana!

I'm off to get that GoPro ordered, and see if any other students have emailed me in the meantime. It feels great to get un-stuck after the "oh crap".

Are you a GoPro-Pro? How do I setup a time lapse photo over a 2 week period in a shipping crate?


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