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How do you handle criticism as an entrepreneur?

February 27, 2021

This is a quick one on how to handle criticism. Whenever you're building something new, you're opening yourself up to criticism, comments, advice, and compliments. I try and step back and think about how I can take that feedback and make things better.

Here's 2 examples of criticism I've heard over the last year, and how it gets put to use (More details in the video as always):

1. "Lots going on at AirMiners, I'm lost, can't find what I'm looking for, this is frustrating". Opportunity: AirMiners Events calendar, one place to find out about everything going on

2. "It's tough to get started in carbon removal and at AirMiners, slog through scattered online documents, I feel like an impostor, don't know people" -- Opportunity: AirMiners Boot Up, a 4 week course to learn about carbon removal solutions and meet others on the same path

These 2 examples above are pretty simple, nothing that outrageous, but even in difficult times it's worth double checking to make sure it's not an opportunity in disguise. When you're the lucky recipient of criticism about a project/product/solution you care about, it can help you uncover what the real opportunities are. If you have criticism of AirMiners, carbon removal, these emails I send, I'd love to hear it...still early days and lots of room for growth.


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