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How can AirMiners events help you build something in carbon removal?

October 08, 2022

This week I wanted to dive in with Jason to get his perspective how AirMiners events help people accelerate their journey in carbon removal. In case you don't know Jason already, he organizes and hosts the virtual events series, among his many hats at AirMiners. You can watch the chat here on YouTube, 20 minutes.

Here's my takeaways from the discussion with Jason:

  1. Get help from leaders: Use events to get to know leaders in carbon removal, hear their perspective, and connect afterwards, either in the networking session after every event, or through email
  2. Ask questions, get answers: 25%+ of each event is spent on live questions, great way to get perspective from a group of leaders in the industry. Since events are in regular Zoom meetings, it's easy to unmute and turn on your video to ask questions.
  3. Connect with other perspectives: the AirMiners community is bigger than ever but we're still small enough where everyone can know eachother, especially within a particular topic. After each event there's a 30 minute networking sessions to make that happen.
  4. Recommend topics you want to see:  In July Jason put up a poll about what event to do for our next event and "Measurement Reporting and Verification" was clearly a big need. So he put together our first MRV event (YouTube link) and had a record of nearly 500 people sign up! Since it was so popular, now Jason is doing permutations of MRV, last week's soil MRV session (YouTube link), upcoming DAC to mineralization MRV (register here), and more. Thanks to all of you that suggested and voted in the event polls!
  5. Don't feel guilty about not attending an event. Not every event is relevant for every air miner. There are super attenders, but most people pick out events that are highly useful to them. You can always check out the recording that goes up quickly on the AirMiners YouTube Channel.
  6. Carbon removal is growing! 30% of attendees are joining one of our events for the very first time. If you're new to carbon removal generally, know that even the "experts" in carbon removal have only been doing it for a few years. Boot Up can help you go from zero to one quickly.

Have ideas for future event topics? Any new virtual event formats to suggest? Hit reply! 


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