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Hello from Norway!

May 17, 2019

Thanks to everyone who sent in their perspectives last week on "climate shame". The lab at Katapult Future Fest in Oslo was a hit! I shared all your perspectives on climate action appreciation, neuroscience, and incentives.

Our lab group found inspiration in the Japanese concept of "Ikigai". Ikigai is the intersection of what you love, what you're good at, what makes money, and what the world needs. A fertile ground for possibility!

Today I got to pitch Impossible Labs' project Negative in front of a crowd for the first time. This made me reflect on the journey I've been on, and the difference between where Impossible Labs started and what it's doing now.

We started out shifting people's way of thinking through consulting and research. Today, Negative is that new thinking put in physical form. It's a great way to pass the torch onto others so that they can shift people's way of thinking too.

For me this new direction is at the intersection of love, skills, money, and need.

I'm going to ask you what I've been asking people at the conference -- How has your thinking about climate changed in the past year?


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