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Have we found the magic formula?

October 17, 2019

A friend of mine is an expert in direct air capture. For years he's been telling his family, friends, and colleagues about DAC.

This week, he was surprised when so many people he talked to about Negative said, “Wow, you can do that? You can take carbon out of the air and make a bracelet with it?”. 

I’ve been hearing this same exact thing myself! Somehow, all of my work on carbon capture, air mining, “fuels, plastics, building materials!”, apparently never really clicked even to many of the people closest to me.

Until Negative.

Negative makes sense in a world full of things that don’t make sense. The climate is too big, IPCC reports too dense. Negative gives us expertise, curiosity, and the ability ask hard questions about a little piece of the climate conversation. It’s a bracelet, after all.

Carbon180’s Carbon Copy newsletter this week featured Negative as the top story. I loved their description:

“It's tangible. It can be hard to get people excited about ominous reports and what-if scenarios. But when you can put in an order, knowing it's going to take CO2 out of the sky and onto your wrist, it's personal.”

Making it simple, tangible, and personal sparks questions. People can have thoughtful conversations, get curious, and ask questions all in their own words!

Something I’ve learned over the past 17 days is that if you want to make a conversation on carbon removal your formula needs these 3 elements:

We need that for the whole climate conversation.

How can you apply these 3 elements to how you talk about carbon removal?


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