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Grabbing on to carbon removal

February 15, 2019


Matthew just sent me a great link. He's off on a new adventure in upstate New York, doing cool stuff around the future of manufacturing and keeping an eye on air mining.

Here's the link: The Tiny Swiss Company That Thinks It Can Help Stop Climate Change.

So inspiring to see Climeworks featured in a front-page spread on the New York Times homepage! This is a first for direct air capture, congrats to the Climeworks team working hard to build a new reality.

One thing that stood out to me was Climeworks CEO Jan Wurzbacher's vision:

“You fly over here to Europe,” he explained, “and the app tells you that you have just burned 1.7 tons of CO₂. Do you want to remove that? Well, Climeworks can remove it for you. Click here. We’ll charge your credit card. And then you’ll get a stone made from CO₂ for every ton you sequester.” He sat back and sighed. “That would be my dream,” he said.

Our "air carbon" planters are a symbol of that vision. It's exciting when carbon dioxide is tangible and you hold in your hands. Here are reactions of people living the dream, photos below.

Where else have you seen DAC featured in the news? Send those links!


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