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Elon Musk is an Air Miner?

January 22, 2021

Did you see Elon Musk tweet that he's putting $100M into a carbon capture prize? Wow!

Big news for the field for sure. Here's my take in a video, notes below:

What's missing are the ideas, concepts, and sketches to make it happen....that's where you come in. 

And the AirMiners Accelerator will help -- our goal is 1,000 shots on goal by 2030, helping early stage startups pulling carbon from the air.

AirMiners member Jan Ivar Czaplicki from Carbon Click immediately put up a bet: "$100 bet (donated to charity) that someone in this community gets the prize." Hard to bet against that but let me know if you want to join the fun!

To me this announcement is the biggest "mainstream media blitz" we see for carbon capture in the next several years. Sure, there will be big investments, tech breakthroughs, but the richest person on the planet announcing a $100M prize only happens once. Ride the wave!

More details to come next week!


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