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August 16, 2019


After the first batch of “air carbon” planters sold out in 1 hour, we disconnected the sales site and started working on our next product.

Then last week something funny happened! I got an email that a planter had been sold. I knew I had to fulfill it, so I shipped the last planter, the one I had at my house.

I was curious, so I wrote to the customer and asked how she was able to place the order. It turned out she saw all the awesome people with planters featured on trynegative.com/images and really wanted one! She saw they were sold out, long gone, not available. Not to be dissuaded! She tried eBay and Google for “air miners planter pot”. “mayyyyybe by luck someone had thrown it up on ebay.” Somehow Google had linked to the dormant sales page, and the order went through!

With this great story, I know this planter went to the perfect home. It will be put to great use in her office to “collect loose change when folks return from international trips...and periodically donate it to carbon sequestration.”

This is the spirit we need for climate solutions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, dig deeper and find it.


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