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CO2 at 100 ppm for the first time ever

June 27, 2020

This past week I attended Foresight Essentials Training at the Institute for the Future. I found these foresight tools helpful for thinking about the future of the climate, so wanted to share with you. (Watch my video here if you prefer to watch instead of read)

My favorite IFTF Foresight tool is called “Headline the Future”.

It’s a way to provoke questions and ideas about a future scenario. Start by imagining the front cover of a newspaper or a magazine in a future scenario, and see what ideas it sparks. Here’s some examples:

May 3rd, 2050 (NYTimes): Now that we’ve solved climate change, what’s next?

June 25th, 2030 (WIRED Magazine): 60% of Harvard Graduating Class Are ‘Air Miners’

December 31st, 2099 (USA Today): Atmospheric CO2 Drops Below 100ppm, Oh S***!

Now you try it! Here’s the 3 steps:

1. Date (i.e. May 3rd, 2050; June 25th, 2030)
2. Publication (i.e. NYTimes, WIRED, YouTube)
3. Headline (5 - 10 words)

Send me yours! I’ll share out next week.

Also, check out Matthew Eshed’s GoFundMe to take his Climatetech Advisors work to the next level!


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