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climate kids

Kids like Greta see the changing climate as a problem for "us", not "our children and our grandchildren". They raise their voices because it's their lives.

Greta's 11 minute TEDx talk is epic, watch it here.

If Greta's life is a bit like mine, when she turns 30 she'll have an "oh shit" moment about her 401k retirement savings. That same year, in 2035, eastern North Carolina, southern Louisiana, and Miami will be underwater. Perhaps Greta will moonlight as a sea-wall consultant to boost her savings.

As an adult, I often find climate change is an intellectual debate, a spreadsheet, a chart. Maybe buying a waterfront condo in Miami would put me in Greta's shoes.

Maybe biologically there's no way to hack that mindset but be born after 2003.

Do you think about the changing climate as "us" or "our children"?


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