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Carbon XPRIZE Product Showcase

December 13, 2019

If you want to watch this message instead of read it, here's the video.

There have been so many newsletters where I wanted to share about this project. And it's finally here, it's finally public. This is the Carbon XPRIZE Product Showcase. Over the past 6 months my team worked with the Carbon XPRIZE team and the finalists. They're competing for a $20,000,000 prize.

We got to take their powders, additives, and fuels and figure out how do we make a story. How do we take these materials and turn them into a prototype of a consumer product?

Now it's live. You can check it out here. There's barbells, there's sandals, there's a remote control car that runs on carbon neutral fuel. It was so great to work with the whole team on this: the Carbon XPRIZE team, the finalist teams, and my team: Andy Lee, Sarah Thorpe, Keith Weissglass, Laura Stevenson, Sarah Harrison, Marc O'Brien, and Eric Haines.

I'm going to share more about this next week about the behind the scenes product development. This came out of thin air, how do we tell the story of carbon in a way that you can hold on to. There are so many times where we would hit a roadblock or have a crazy cool story, and now I finally get to share those stories.

What's your favorite product from the showcase?


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