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Carbon XPRIZE Product Showcase - Behind the Scenes

December 21, 2019

Now that the Carbon XPRIZE Product Showcase is live, I wanted to share stories about each product. Check out the playlist here, the second video is about carbon toothpaste.

We designed each product concept around 3 dimensions: Cool, Relatable, and Impact. We wanted things that were interesting, that you have personal experience with, and tell a story of carbon impact. These are technologies and teams working hard to use carbon dioxide pulled from emissions. How do we make that approachable, tangible, and desirable?

We succeeded across the board at hitting these 3 dimensions. For some products we hit the "cool" factor more or the "impact" factor more. I'm excited to see where these concepts end up over the next year. This will start to become real and we'll certainly see new carbon products hit the market.

Check out the playlist for a 2 minute story on each product. You can also see the showcase photo gallery, featuring Negative bracelets too!

The first 2 videos are up! Watch em here, hit "Subscribe" to get hear when the others go up.

So what's your favorite product from the showcase?


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