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Carbon Sizing and Shipping

December 06, 2019

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All right, things are getting real. I'm still totally thrilled about the Kickstarter campaign, 500+% funded. And I'm starting to learn about the 500+ people who are part of this, digging into making this stuff happen.

When you think about working on a climate solution, what do you see? It's easy to imagine some combo of Minority Report, A Beautiful Mind, and "The Climate". Glamorous, environmental.

The reality is so much of this comes back to things I’m doing like chasing down DHL shipping, learning about moving carbon dioxide tanks from Switzerland to Canada to the United States. Or printer sizing and scaling -- we sent out 500+ sizing PDFs enabling backers to measure their wrist size if they don’t have a tape measure at home. How’s that related to climate action? It’s figuring out how to get the right sized Negative bracelet so you can start climate conversations with friends and be a part of taking carbon out of the air.

That’s where it’s at! Maybe you’re deep in a day job and thinking “how do I get into climate action?”. The truth you'll use the same skills you use everyday, applying them to a climate solution. That’s what I’ve been up to and that’s all part of making Negative a success. We are on a journey to understand how to take climate action and pull carbon from the atmosphere.

What's you secret climate action skill?


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