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Carbon removal takes flight

April 22, 2021


I just watched Elon Musk talk about carbon removal solutions over an hour-long interview on the launch of the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal.

Elon's last note: "I hope people have a good time and some productive stuff comes out of it"

Hell yea.

In case you find yourself wondering "if" carbon removal is going to be a big thing.....Today we have an innovative visionary launching a prize for solutions, Fortune 500 companies buying up carbon, and leading politicians saying we need carbon removal. Just last week Apple announced $200M towards carbon removal purchases...and it wasn't even the biggest headline of the month.

Carbon removal has taken flight. We are past the age of "if" carbon removal. It's now about "when" and "how big".

I recorded my thoughts on the state of the industry leading up to the XPRIZE announcement, you can watch the video here.

"Taking Flight" is the theme of the annual AirMiners conference on May 5th. If you haven't already, check out the website for more details and speakers here

When do you believe we'll hit 1.0 gigaton per year of carbon removal capacity? Let me know your when and why.


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