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Carbon removal needs your help being inclusive and safe for everyone

March 08, 2022

This week on AirMiners Slack, you might have seen a 3-question survey from Max Pisciotta about diversity and inclusion at AirMiners. He and Anna Thomas are working on as a part of their project with University of Pennsylvania to figure out how to make AirMiners a more inclusive and diverse place. (video of this message here)

Diversity and inclusion are essential for building a new industry like carbon removal. Today carbon removal is still a niche topic. Getting to civilization-scale carbon removal means growth, bringing in new people, and making AirMiners a place that's welcoming and safe for for everybody.

Nobody sees everything, so your experience here on what you've seen is crucial. So if you're part of AirMiners, we would appreciate hearing about what are your interactions have been like on Slack, at events, breakout rooms, what's working, and what can we get better at.

The other challenge with an emerging industry like carbon removal is that a lot of AirMiners come from a technology or science background. For carbon removal to grow, we need have to be able to bring in people and welcome people who haven't spent their lives learning all about chemistry, solvents, and soils. A welcoming and safe place for for everybody to get to work on carbon removal solutions is key.

Again, if you're part of AirMiners check out the anonymous survey, it's a quick 3 question one page deal. I look forward to talking with Max and Anna about about what they find!


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